Learning to play an instrument is wonderful experience and something you can enjoy and share with friends and family, and even the public, all of your life. But the most incredible instrument you'll ever own is one you already possess and that is your voice.

No matter whether you think your voice is suited to only singing in the shower or if your musical aspirations are much higher, you can always improve vocally and we can help you achieve that goal.

At Summertown Music Studios we have years of first-hand experience singing professionally and teaching people just like you to express themselves vocally. If you're just getting started or even if you've been singing for a while we can show you how to improve your breathing, expand your range, and protect your voice from unnecessary abuse from bad singing techniques. We'll help you learn to sing the songs you love or ones you're currently learning and help you to become a better vocalist than you ever though possible.

Instructor, Bob Buford, has been singing, teaching, and studying vocal technique for over thirty-five years. He sang professionally with the Lazy B Wranglers as tenor in an exacting four-part harmony quartet for hundreds of concerts before thousands of spectators. Bob's formal vocal training included extensive work with New York's Julliard School instructor Jo Waddell. Call or email us today to take advantage of our "First Lesson FREE!" program. Your voice will thank you.


Bob Buford, Instructor
Summertown Music

EMAIL: Producer@SummertownStudios.com