There's almost nothing that compares to hearing a song you've written fully produced and engineered into a "real" song. And then hearing that song on the radio or perhaps more commonly in the current market, on a TV show or movie track. But before you get to that "payoff" you have to get the song "in the can" as they say by having it recorded or recording in yourself.

With the advent of inexpensive digital recorders and software, many musicians have created their own home recording or project studios. But few of them have the time or the knowledge and expertise to get their songs down in a professional, and presentable package. And of those that manage to create a final product, even fewer know what to do with it when they're done.

If you fall into the above category and need help getting your song recorded or your studio up and running, give us a call. We've been building studio DAWs and recording and engineering songs for our clients as well as ourselves for over ten years. We can help you get the right sound, the sound you're looking for, and a final product that you'll be proud of and one that can help to promote your music.

~Bob Buford


* Bottom Right: 1986 with multi-platinum producer, Jim Mason (left), engineer and Colorado Sound owner, Kevin Clock (center), and myself (right),  at the completion of our first original album project.




Bob Buford, Instructor
Summertown Music