One of the most ignored areas of music related activities is performing, or more aptly described as entertaining. I'm not talking about simply playing your music for an audience, but about interacting with that audience. Even the most competent musicians fall short when it comes to communicating with an audience.  Many are fond of saying that they "let the music do the talking." And while that may sound like a sufficient response, the fact is that audiences love to have interaction with the band and particularly the "front man" or MC (master of ceremonies).

Few performers understand what an opportunity they have to promote themselves and create a bond with the "captive audience" that's right in front of them. Even fewer have written and rehearsed song introductions, gig schedules, internet information such as website location, MySpace, FaceBook, and Twitter accounts to pass along to an eager audience.  It's never been easier to promote yourself or your group as it is in the current "information age."  And unless you have lots of money to hand over to a promotional or booking agency, then you have to learn to master your own "promo" or take a back seat to the groups that already know how to do it.

If an individual performer or band wants to succeed in a bigger way they need to take advantage of the opportunities afforded them while in front of their audiences. At Summertown Music we have over twenty-five years of successfully  "fronting" musical performances. We can help you plan your musical performance so that it actually becomes a "show" rather than just a "gig".  The results are amazing and will help you or your group to book more jobs, sell more CDs and paraphernalia, and create a bond with your audience that will catapult you or your group ahead of the competition.

Performing your music is a "communication" with your audience. Learning to do a better job of presenting that music is an art in itself. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation session to review your onstage presentations. You won't believe the difference it can make in your musical career.

~Bob Buford


Bob Buford, Instructor
Summertown Music