If you're serious about having a successful music career, and by that I mean actually making a living playing music or even a nice side income, then there are certain activities you have to adopt and even more you have to avoid. The entertainment business IS a great business. It's fun, and it can be profitable, and the instant feedback and love from an audience is something that non-performers will never understand. But the key word here is "business." And the more professional your approach to the "biz" the more successful you'll be. (See our article "Superstar" for more information.)

The music industry is a many-faceted business, complicated and for the most part, unpredictable. But with careful planning and a goal-oriented approach as applied by other businesses, success is not only possible but to be expected.

As a business coach and professional financial manager for over thirty years I've successfully coached any number of business professionals, both in the music field and other industries. If you want to put your career on the road to success, call today to schedule a career coaching session and make your musical dreams a reality.

~Bob Buford



Bob Buford, Instructor
Summertown Music